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Order deadline for 2020 RHIZOMES is March 1st

We guarantee you will receive top quality viable Plant Materials.

Our Rhizomes are harvested in late February. All roots are cleaned, bundled and stored at 30 degrees to keep them in their dormant state. We personally inspect, count, package and ship your order within hours after roots are removed from cold storage the first week of April.

2020 Availability

  • 50 piece minimum per Variety

  • All varieties sold in 50 piece bundles only.

  • Order deadline March 1, 2019

  • Balance & shipping charges due upon invoicing

  • Top Quality Rhizomes listed below are priced at $1.40 per root - order yours now!

  1. Cascade

  2. Centennial

  3. Chinook

  4. Willamette

  5. Northern Brewer

  6. Fuggle

  7. Cluster

  8. Comet

  9. Columbus - CTZ - Zeus

Once you receive and inspect your order, there are critical steps that need to be taken to retain the quality and viability of your Rhizomes for planting. We will provide detailed rhizome storage and planting instructions with all orders.

Rhizomes like company! When calculating you’re planting needs please keep in mind that the more roots per planting mound the better your yield will be! Commercial farmers plant 6-8 per mound, we recommend at least 3 per mound.

Contact us below to place your order.

*For smaller quantities see our Homebrew store.