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US Hop Source

Creating a better way to distribute hops.

Our adventures into the U.S. Hop Industry began in 2007; U.S. and World Hop markets were upside down with fears of crippling shortages.  Brewers were running for the hills while entrepreneurs were seeing dollar signs!  

This market instability combined with the consistent growth of the Craft Brewing Industry spawned the development of small Commercial Hop Farms, Hobby Hop Farms, Brewery and Backyard Hop Gardens from coast to coast.

Our contribution to this new wave of Hop Farming was the creation of San Juan Hop Farms, in Montrose Colorado.  Our 34 acre project was developed with priceless 5th generation Hop Farming and commercial Hop Industry knowledge kindly obtained from gracious and entertaining Idaho, Oregon and Washington Hop farming families.  Our visits to their farms in spring, summer and harvest season gave us realistic insight into what it would take to bring this specialty crop to market.

Breaking ground in September of 2008 on 45 acres of alfalfa transforming it into a 34 acre hop yard.  15 acres planted with 4 varieties, Cascade, Chinook, Nugget and Willamette.  Unfortunately the economy was upside down as well; capitol to bring the farm to full operating capacity was difficult to obtain.  Development of our gravity fed drip irrigation, picking equipment, ambient air temperature drying system, bailing and cold storage continued until funding dried up in late 2010.

So we reluctantly left the farm relocating back to Denver to support family and focus on developing US Hop Source.  Over the last seven years we have adapted and followed market changes.  The vast supply of hops around the world creates a great market for us.  Distributing small and large quantities of hops around the world. 




Office: 14561 E Harvard Ave Aurora, CO 80014

Cold Storage: 7152 S. Blackhawk St. Englewood, CO 80112



How we do things:

Product quality & Packaging

To ensure quality and minimize oxidative damage hops are compressed into pellets and packaged in Mylar Foil bags. Packaging systems extract Oxygen from the bags, which are then flushed with Nitrogen and sealed. This Oxygen and light free environment combined with refrigerated storage will guarantee product quality well beyond the two year use by date. We offer this same high quality packaging process to repackage into our 11lb foils.

cold storage & Shipping

We keep product at optimal temperature in our cold storage facility to assure and preserve quality. Our cold storage is located a block away from a FedEx Ground terminal, this proximity allows us to maximize cold storage time when shipping orders under 5 boxes. With 220lb 5 box and up orders we get shipping quotes from multiple freight companies to minimize costs.